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Most databases use a help feature that explains how to conduct simple and advanced searches. If you search a database and do not find the results you want, use Ask Our Librarians for assistance. Library staff are happy to help you find what you need! 

Reference Sources


Welcome to the Library's World History Subject Guide!

This guide provides an overview of the Library's recommended materials related to world history, including databases, books, journals, reference materials and other resources, print or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

To view the Arabic guide, click here

World History Print Collection

Most print titles you see in this guide are shelved or organized within Class D of the Library of Congress Classification

World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

D: History (General)

DA: Great Britain

DAW: Central Europe

DB: Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia

DC: France - Andorra - Monaco

DD: Germany

DE: Greco-Roman World

DF: Greece

DG: Italy - Malta

DH: Low Countries – Benelux countries

DJ: Netherlands (Holland)

DJK: Eastern Europe (General)

DK: Russia. Soviet Union, former Soviet Republics - Poland

DL: Northern Europe, Scandinavia

DP: Spain - Portugal

DQ: Switzerland

DR: Balkan Peninsula

DS: Asia

DT: Africa

DU: Oceania (South Seas)

DX: Gypsies

Most titles are located in Tier 2 as mapped in the image below. The spread on the shelves varies as new titles are added regularly. For shelf information, refer to the catalog.


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