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These guides provide an overview of different subject areas and offer ideas on how and where to start looking for materials in a specific discipline or in the Library's various collections. There are 3 main types of guides. These are subject guides, How Do I (HDI) guides, and general interest and popular topic guides. Each subject guide offers several curated lists of recommended resources such as databases, books, journals, reference materials and other resources in various formats. HDI guides contain tutorials and practical guides on how to use the Library resources. The general interest and popular topic guides cover guides on recommended titles on and about current and popular topics.

For study or general reference questions and further assistance on how to find relevant materials for your information needs, please feel free to contact us through the Ask Our Librarians service.

For Arabic guides only, click here. For English only, click here.


A-Z Database List

Browse the full list of databases that the Library subscribes to, including those on trial access. For easy navigation, it is recommended to conduct your search according to subjects areas.
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