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Assistive Technology and People with Disabilities: Web Links

Free Apps for Autism

Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism (MITA) is a unique, early-intervention application for children with language delay and autism. MITA trains mental integration and language, starting with simple vocabulary, and progressing towards higher forms of language, such as adjectives, verbs, pronouns, and syntax.

MITA is based on Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), one of the best-supported therapies for children diagnosed with ASD. The puzzles target three of four critical areas of development supported by PRT: response to multiple cues, motivation, and self-management. Here is a helpful video on MITA. 


Autism iHelp is a vocabulary teaching aid developed by parents of a child with autism and a speech-language pathologist. Autism iHelp was inspired by the need for specific language intervention tools for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder focusing on their unique strengths and difficulty with expressive vocabulary.

Special Needs Institutions and Organizations

Al Tamakon for Comprehensive Education

AAmal Center for Special Needs

Awsaj Academy

Bassmet Amal for Special Needs Center

Child Development Center

Doha Autism Center (+974 7055-0099)

Doha International Center for Special Needs (+974 4469-2920)

Family Hope Center for Special Needs

Farah Special Needs Center (+974 4450-2189)

Glory Center for Special Needs

Hand in Hand for Special Needs (+974 5530-4013)

HOPE Qatar

I Can Center for Special Needs Qatar

MADA-Qatar Assistive Technology Center

Omega Center for Special Needs Education School

Ontario Center for Special Needs Center (+974 4466-1651)

Qatar Autism Center and Special Needs (+974 4464-3711)

Qatar Foundation Rehabilitation for Special Needs

Qatar Institute for Speech and Hearing

Qatar Paralympic Organization (+974 4041-0410)

Qatar Social and Cultural Center for the Blind

Qatar Social and Cultural center for the Deaf (+974 4469-7700)

Renad Academy

Roya Center for People with Special Needs (+974 4414-2030)