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Palestine Guide: Museum of Islamic Art Library Collection

Introduction to Museum of Islamic Art Library

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Library has a large number of rare books about Palestine, with publication dates ranging from 1615 CE to 1930 CE. The authors of these books were primarily European travelers wishing to show maps, landscapes, city views and architecture, as well as the customs of the people they met. It is possible to trace the changes in the Holy City of Jerusalem by comparing the different images illustrating these books. We can also find views of mosques such as the Mosque of Omar and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, with fascinating images of prayer inside the buildings. The natural beauty and peaceful calm of the countryside are seen in collections of watercolor landscapes and engravings.

Through the MIA Library, you have the opportunity to access the museum's resources, including books, rare booksmaps, manuscripts, an ongoing exhibition about Palestine, book recommendations, and activities such as the Majlis Book Club. The books are published in numerous languages, including English, French, German and Latin. 

Accessing the MIA Library's Resources

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) allows users to access MIA Library resources both within and outside of the library. All resources included in this guide can be accessed through the MIA Library catalog. You may be redirected to the catalog when you click the link; if this is the case, please copy any title of interest below and paste it in the search icon displayed on the catalog page. You can further define your search by keywords, title, author name, ISBN and ISSN. For more information on using the MIA Library catalog, please visit

Print Books

This is a small selection of available print books. For more titles, search our catalog.

Rare Print Books

This is a selection of available translated books in English, German, French and Latin. For more titles, search our catalog.


Below is a selection of maps and plans relating to Jerusalem. For more titles, search our catalog and Sutori. In the maps, you can see both ancient and modern Jerusalem, with numerous illustrations consisting of views, ground plans and sections.


This is a small selection of available manuscripts. For more titles, search our catalog.


This is a small collection of MIA Library reference resources. For more reference resources, search our catalog.

Ask a Librarian

Do not hesitate to contact the Museum of Islamic Art Library through the email or phone.