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Find IELTS Preparation Resources: English

About This Guide

Welcome to this guide on how to find resources for IELTS preparation.

You can also get support with IELTS preparation through our individual consultations which must be booked via our booking form, or you can join our regular group workshops, which are listed on our Events Page

Recommended Sources for IELTS Preparation

Please note that to use the practice materials on LearningExpress, you will need to create an individual account.

To access IELTS preparation materials on OverDrive, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Library website using your membership/ID number and password
  • Select "Online Resources"
  • Next, select "All Online Resources"
  • OverDrive is found under the category of databases starting with "O"
  • Enter your search term in the search box, in this case "IELTS"


You may also find this guide helpful: 

These recommended web resources provide IELTS preparation materials and support. 

You can browse our print collection on IELTS here.

Get free one-to-one support with your IELTS preparation through your Library membership. Book your consultation here

Using the Database OverDrive for IELTS Preparation

This video is a guide to navigating from the Library home page to the database OverDrive, where you'll find ebooks on IELTS. You may also use this guide to explore how you can access OverDrive titles through the Libby app. 

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