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Islamic Art and Architecture: Qatar-Related

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Qatar has a growing art movement due to the increasing number of museums, galleries and art centers. The number of emerging Qatari artists is also increasing, so this guide should be viewed as a starting point rather than a comprehensive resource for learning more about art in Qatar.

Experts in Qatar

To learn about and contact Qatari artists or artists who are based in Qatar, please refer to the list below. 

Relevant Institutions and Organizations

Professional associations and Organizations in Qatar  related to Art

In this field you will find Ministries and government entities related to Art in Qatar 

Research centers related to Art in Qatar

More to Explore

Recommended Books

Recommended Magazines

A2Q Magazine

A2Q (America to Qatar) is a digital magazine that spans the work of artists and the insights of experts from the United States, Qatar, and the Arab and Islamic worlds. As a quarterly digital platform serving creatives with diverse perspectives in art and culture, A2Q addresses the subject matter with the aim of bridging cultural barriers and cultivating understanding. While at its core A2Q provides a voice to culture, history, and art relating to the Arab and Islamic communities around the world, A2Q also exists in recognition of the universal appeal of creative expression and the benefits of cultural convergence.