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Welcome to the Library's Islamic Art and Architecture Subject Guide!

This guide will give you an overview of the general distinctive characteristics of art and architecture throughout the history of the Islamic world. The material is presented to deal with two main areas:

1. Defining the concept of "Islamic art and architecture"

2. Presenting a group of existing models

To view the Arabic guide, click here

Location of the Print Collection

According to the Library of Congress classification system, Fine Arts Resources fall into Division (N) and encompass many subcategories, the most important of which are:

Visual Arts (General N1- (9211))

History N5300-7418

General Arts N7420-7525.8

Special Topics in Art N7560-8266

Architecture NA1-9428

Architecture and State NA100-130

Religious Architecture NA4590-5621

Local architecture. Homes. Housing NA7100-7884



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Arts and Architecture الفنون والعمارة, Humanities العلوم الإنسانية, Library Science علوم المكتبات