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Research Tips

Always pick a topic that is “researchable.” This should be:

  • A topic you enjoy
  • Specific enough that you can deal with a reasonable number of resources
  • Broad enough that you can find enough resources

Before choosing a resource, try to check the following: 

  • Author: What are the author's credentials and potential biases?
  • Content: Who was the information written for? Is it up to date? Is it supported by other references?
  • Publishers: Do they have a good reputation, or do they just print everything for everyone?

It is very important to find out the keywords that help you find more related resources to your research. You can:

  • Find essential words in your topic title
  • Include synonyms of these words 
  • Keywords are not necessarily single words
  • If your research is about a specific region or age group, consider using them as keywords
  • Know the antonyms of your essential keywords to avoid resources related to them

You can Ask Our Librarians for piece of advice anytime. The Library staff are happy to help you find what you need!