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You have several ways to find information. Use the: 

Catalog to search for print and non-print collections.

Discovery Search to search for resources available through the online databases.

A-Z List of Titles to search for specific e-journal titles.

Individual Database if you want to use a specific database. Simply click on the database name and search.

Most databases use a help feature that explains how to conduct simple and advanced searches. 

Recommended search terms in Education:


Education history

Education theory

Special education

Education Middle East


Help is Here!

If you search a database and do not find the results you want, use Ask Our Librarians for assistance. Library staff are happy to help you find what you need! 

Online Reference Sources


Welcome to the Library's Education Subject Guide!

This guide provides an overview of the Library's recommended materials related to education, including databases, books, journals, reference materials and other resources, print or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

To view the Arabic guide, click here

Education Print Collection

The education print collection is organized in alignment with Class L of the Library of Congress Classification. It includes the following subclasses:

Subclass L – Education (General)
Subclass LA – History of education
Subclass LB – Theory and practice of education
Subclass LC – Special aspects of education
Subclass LD – Individual institutions - United States
Subclass LE – Individual institutions - America (except United States)
Subclass LF – Individual institutions - Europe
Subclass LG – Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands
Subclass LH – College and school magazines and papers
Subclass LJ – Student fraternities and societies, United States
Subclass LT – Textbooks

The education print collection is located in Tier 2 of the Library. It spreads from shelf 2.1.10A to shelf 2.2.5B (see map below).

Print Reference Sources

Reference Librarian

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Ahmad Naddaf| أحمد نداف
Subjects الموضوعات:
Education التربية والتعليم, Humanities العلوم الإنسانية, Islamic Studies
الدراسات الإسلامية,
Religion and Philosophy الدين والفلسفة

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