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Getting Started

You have several ways to find information. Use the: 

Catalog to search for print and non-print collections.

Discovery Search to search for resources available through the online databases.

Publication Finder to search for specific titles of eJournals, periodicals, series, eBooks, theses/dissertations, annual reports, and many more. Use this when you know exact publication title you are looking for. Note that if you are looking only for a specific article title, use the Discovery Search

Individual Database if you want to use a specific database. Simply click on the database name and search.

Most databases use a help feature that explains how to conduct simple and advanced searches. 

Recommended search terms in Literature:

Arabic literature

Classic literature

Comparative literature




Literature and history

Literature and society

Literature Philosophy



Help is Here!

If you search a database and do not find the results you want, use Ask Our Librarians for assistance. Library staff are happy to help you find what you need! 

Reference Books


Welcome to the Library's Literature Subject Guide!

This guide provides an overview of the Library's recommended materials related to literature, including databases, books, journals, reference materials and other resources, print or digital, that are accessible through different websites and platforms.

To view Arab Literature guide (in Arabic), click here.  

Print Literature Collection

The print literature collection is organized in alignment with Class P of the Library of Congress Classification. It includes the following subclasses:

P            Philology and Linguistics

PA          Greek language and literature; Latin language and literature

PB          Modern languages and Celtic languages

PC          Romance languages

PD          Germanic and Scandinavian languages

PE          English language

PF          West Germanic languages

PG         Slavic, Baltic, and Albanian languages

PH          Uralic and Basque languages

PJ          Oriental languages and literature

PK          Indo-Iranian languages and literature

PL          Languages and literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

PM         Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages

PN         Literature (General)

PQ         French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese literature

PR         English literature

PS          American literature

PT          German, Dutch and Scandinavian literature

PZ          Fiction and juvenile belles lettres

The print literature collection is located in Tier 1 of the Library. It spreads from shelf 1.1.7A to shelf 1.1.19A (see map below).

Reference Librarian

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Haya A. Al-Sheeb| هيا الشيب
Subjects الموضوعات:
Geography and Urban Planning الجغرافيا والتخطيط العمراني, Media Studies and Communications دراسات الإعلام والاتصال, Political Science العلوم السياسية, Social Sciences العلوم الاجتماعية