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Get Started with Research: Home

This unique guide offers users useful material that will help in your research, from conceiving your research idea to writing your thesis/report.

Getting Started

You have several ways to find information. Use the:

Catalog to search for print and non-print collections.

Discovery Search to search for resources available through the online databases.

Publication Finder to search for specific titles of e-journals, periodicals, series, ebooks, theses/dissertations, annual reports, and many more. Use this when you know exact the publication title you are looking for. Note that if you are looking for a specific article title, use the Discovery Search

Individual Database if you want to use a specific database. Simply click on the database name and search.

Help is here!

Most databases use a help feature that explains how to conduct simple and advanced searches. If you search a database and do not find the results you want, use Ask Our Librarians for assistance. Library staff are happy to help you find what you need! 

Reference Sources


Welcome to the Library's Get Started with Research Subject Guide!

This research guide encompasses a range of ideas, starting from idea conception to development through literature review, formulating research questions, data collection and data analysis, and writing your thesis or research report. This guide also provides an overview of the Library's recommended databases, books, journals, reference and other resources - print and electronic - that are accessible through the Library, and other free online sources on topics related to research.


Doing Research and Doing Well

Research: Where to Begin

Research is not just a geeky person in a white lab coat and big glasses figuring out something about the universe. Everyone does research, even if it's just finding out whether a product is good for our health or has good reviews. But conducting research on a specific subject requires discipline, methodological rigor, objectivity, communication, etc.

Choosing and Narrowing Your Research Topic

Before we conduct our research, it is important to choose a topic, narrow the research questions, and find out whether this research has already done by someone else. If so, is there new information you can add or can you provide a new perspective or a different theoretical framework? One topic can be looked at in multiple ways.

The research process happens in a linear way,


You can find a lot of information on conducting research here

What kind of research methods do you want to use? Confused? This link will help you (use your Library membership to log in).

If you have collected data through surveys but don't know which statistical test to use, you can use this link (use your Library membership to log in).

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