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Setting Dyslexic Mode in Overdrive and Libby Titles: Assistive Technology Devices

This guide will help make reading enjoyable for people with dyslexia who struggle with the condition. Determining letters is now much easier, allowing readers to concentrate on the book’s content

Assistive Technology Devices/Equipment

Assistive technology devices are available and can be borrow for library use whether it is for research, studies, reading, or hobbies. Some of these devices and equipment are available for in-library borrowing. View our assistive technology device loan form.

Big Keys with Arabic Layout - a full-feature keyboard with large keys

Gold Touch Ergonomic Keyboard - an ergonomic keyboard that helps straighten hands, wrists, shoulders and back

PRETORIAN n-Aber Trackball Mouse - emulates a computer mouse but with fingertip control and configured for left-handed operation

PRETORIAN Optima Joystick - specifically designed for cursor navigation and precise targeting of objects on the computer screen

Humanscale Switch Variable/ USB Mouse - mousing solution that accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users

CERATECH Accuratus High Vision Keyboard - device keyboard for the visually impaired

Zoomax Snow CCTV - a portable video magnifier designed as a reading aid for persons who are visually impaired

Humanware Explore 5 HD Portable Video Magnifier - a small, lightweight handheld video magnifier 

Humanware Victor Reader Stream - a handheld media player for the blind and visually impaired that allows users to transfer content from the PC to a removable flash memory card and provides advanced navigation of multiple formats, including DAISY, MP3, NISO and electronic text

C-Pen Reader-Pen USB Scanning Pen with Headphones - the C-Pen Reader pen scanner is for anyone learning English and for those who suffer from reading difficulties

Brailliant BI 40 Braille Display - precise and efficient, responsive braille input keyboard and command keys located on each side of the display

Tiger Premier 100 Braille embosser - transfer computer-generated text into embossed Braille output