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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence: Qatar-Related

Artificial Intelligence in Qatar

Qatar is uniquely positioned to make the most out of what AI has to offer. The population of Qatar is highly tech-savvy and existing research ecosystems offer great opportunities for developments in the AI field.


Developments in the AI field will greatly contribute to:

  • Economic growth through the emergency of new fields and industries
  • Social progress through efficient governance, effective management of resources, improved discourse, and better understanding
  • Environmental sustainability through the proper understanding of natural systems and their impact
  • Protection and promotion of cultural heritage through initiatives such as Arabic-language translation


Experts in Qatar

Dr. Marwa Qaraqe - Associate Professor at HBKU

Dr. Issa Khalil - Principal Scientist (Cybersecurity) at QCRI

Abdulaziz Al-Ali - Qatar University

Cagatay Catal - Qatar University

Junaid Qadir - Qatar University

Relevant Institutions and Organizations

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Qatar University - College of Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Texas A&M University in Qatar

Northwestern University in Qatar

Georgetown University in Qatar

Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar






QCRI - Qatar Computing Research Center

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