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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence: Web Links

Computer Museums and History of Computing and AI

Explore the undeniably fascinating history of computing. 

Internet Society's (ISOC) "All About the Internet: History of the Internet"

The Pop History Dig's "Apple, Risin: 1976 - 1985" 

The Turing Archive for the History of Computing 

Check out these links and get a glimpse of the historical artifacts on computing!

Computer History Museum

DigiBarn Computer Museum

Steve's Old Computer Museum

You may also want to try this Wayback Machine of Internet Archive. It provides access to archived webpages from 1996 to present.

In the first half of the 20th century when science fiction movies familiarized the world to the concept of artificially intelligent robots to the modern days of ChatGPT, you can find more information on how AI evolved and what are the future projections:

Council of Europe and Artificial Intelligence

History of Artificial Intelligence

Repositories and Open Access Databases

arXiv is a pre-print repository in physics, math, computer science and related disciplines. It enables researchers or scientists worldwide to share and access their research before it is formally published.

CiteSeerX is a public search engine and digital library for scientific and academic papers in the fields of computer and information science.

Societies and Associations

Useful AI Websites

Coding Tutorials and Communities provides documentation and definitions, forums, source codes, and community for beginners and experts. provides clear, concise C and C++ tutorials for beginners, many with quizzes and printable versions.

Free Code Camp helps people learn to code for free. This site provides thousands of videos, articles and interactive coding lessons. provides access to tutorials, downloads and a community of support.